Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To someone that i like the most (iii)


Howdy!! =]

I had promised you to tell you a story right?

Well, i dreamed bout you! Weird right? The weirdest thing is when i woke up, i felt like wanna cry! I felt like, what the hell is this?! (I won't tell what was in my dream.. haha)

Okay! I know! Yeah2! Just laugh at me if you want to do so! Ah!

Now, it's enough! I hate you, remember? So, let the distances make the hatred grows, until one fine day!


By the way, i know now you need more strength! So, as usual, i will lend mine to youuu.. But, please returned it back, because i need it toooo!

P/S : I always believe in my destiny. So, i never afraid. Que sera sera..

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