Thursday, May 20, 2010

To someone that I like the most! :)

WARNING : Entri ini ialah entri yg mengarut dan merepek. Tiada unsur ilmiah langsung kot. ^^''

20 Mei 2010. 11:00 PM.

Hait!! Salam. A big hello to you (someone that I like the most)!! I'm wondering how are you today.. =) Just hope you are in the pink of health! (Ceh! Ala2 mukaddimah karangan pulak dah.)

Well, as you know (i guess! lol) i already arrived home safely. *Alhamdulillah* And i'm glad that i'm home!

You still remember what i wrote in the previous entry? I said that i felt something's wrong somewhere.. (You know what, actually that feeling put me in a doubt, whether wanna go back home or not..) But now i'm grateful that i'm home as i know the truth when i reached home... :D

Today i know something. Something that makes me felt relieved. Something 'bout you that makes me felt grateful because i ONLY LIKE you.. ^.^

Should i cry when i know the truth? Should i laugh when i know the truth? No3x. It's not worth to cry or laugh for it.. I can only give the sweetest smile.. =) Luckily, this time, the truth did not hurt me (i guess! lol).. So, don't worry yeah.. ^_^

Oh! Btw, although i already knew the truth, i still can lend you my spirit, so that you can always do your best in whatever you do!

You should keep smiling okay?! If you feel like wanna give up or wanna cry or wanna shout, and then suddenly you feel the wind or breeze on your face, that means, i'm there for you! =) So, anything, just tell me! I know that i'm not really good at anything, but i'll try to help you (But if i can't help, i'll just lend my ear.)...

Let me tell you something, "I think i'll always like you!". Don't worry, because i think if i keep this feeling, it will do no harm.. :)

Oh.Oh.Oh. Even though i knew the truth now, you will always become one of the people that i like the most!!

Please take care and don't hurt yourself or the other 'half of you'!! If you dare to do that, for sure i'll transform to Hulk and therefore, i might be thinking of the plan to kill you! (Witch laugh).

Until then, bye! May Allah bless you my dear.. =)

p/s : As long as i can smile, that means, i'm okay, i'm fine.. :)


Edited on 21 May 2010, 11.59PM.

To the other 'half of someone that i like the most'.

:) Believe me. You are always in that person's heart. ^__^ Plus,that person has different way of life with me.. What i like, will be the thing that the person hate (Oh! Maybe not hate. But just don't really like).. =)

Yeah. You know that person's well right? Believe in that person too!

Please take care! Until then, bye. ;)


HanizaIshak said...

kite ke orang yang awak like the most? =p

A.D.A.M. said...

Yay! Will you be someone that i like the most? =P

Live on! =)

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