Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pernah tak..

Pernah tak bila kita tengok seseorang hati kita sakit? Padahal kita tak benci pun orang tue.

Pernah tak bila kita tengok hati kita terluka? Padahal orang tue takde buat apa2 pun.

Pernah tak bila kita tengok seseorang hati kita terguris? Padahal orang tue tak cakap apa2 pun.

Pernah tak.... Eh, berapa banyak kali 'pernah tak' daaa.. =.=''

Tapi tue la ape yg aku rasa. Haiz. T.T

I don't know why, when i see that person, my heart ached. My heart hurt. Sometimes, it's just like my heart gonna burst because of the pressure! (It's just like a palpitation happened!)

I felt like wanna scream. I felt like wanna cry. It's weird because that person is not my enemy. Haiz.

Should i run away from that person?! No! I can't run away from that person because that person is a part of my life.

Luckily, i'm not with that person every time. haha. If i'm with that person every seconds, every minutes, every hours, every day, i don't know what will happen. Hohoho.

Ah! I should not think about that! It's a small matter!

"Babe, remember! Not everything you want, is good for you. Sometimes, being far away, is the best solution! Keep the distance between you and that person. It's safer! " <<-- Talkin' to myself
Lalalalala~ Keep smiling! ^_^

Whatever it is, just live on! :)

P/S : Aku tak sabar nak balik rumah bulan 6 nnti. =)


qiki said...

same goes to me.. =(

A.D.A.M. said...

Which part qila? Huhu.

Live on! =)

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